Adobe Photoshop Metallic Paint

Adobe Photoshop Metallic Paint - Part 5
It's better to place the sword on a different shoulder. Draw the flares and the reflexes on this stage, using a brush of Soft Light regime. The brush I have chosen is textured, made of clouds. Use different nuances on the metal surfaces. The flares may be drawn also in different ways. My method includes using a hard brush of Soft Light regime or the Dodge Tool in the Highlight regime. Start applying easy brush's motions on the armor. On the flexions and on the prominent places must be introduced brighter flares. I advice you to make experiments with the color's regimes, a long time I have just ignored. Sometimes they give a splendid effect ? even unplanned one. Try them.
This time I have chosen the Soft Light. Speaking about the background, create a new layer and use on it a brush of big texture. Stretch it out vertically, give it the necessary parameters and set the Multiply regime on it and an Opacity of 50%. Everything you do, you may do considering it appropriate for you. Merge down the layers containing the background and the texture and apply on the new layer a brush of hard shapes to outline the necessary elements. Apply the Curves option, because we need a cold day illumination coming from behind the soldier.

Adobe Photoshop metallic paint 


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