My fair lady butterfly picture effect

My fair lady butterfly picture effect - Part 1
In this Tutorial we'll learn to combine several pictures, place different objects on the grass, correct the colors and improve the quality of the picture. We'll see also how is it possible to use the layers' masks, enliven the hair and create the shadows or change the eyes' color.

Open in a new window a girl's picture: File ? Open (ctrl+o).

my fair lady butterfly picture effect

Make a copy of this layer to be possible working with it: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j). The previous layer should be deleted, using the corresponding icon in the Layers window. Mark out the background the girl is situated on and select the Polygonal Lasso Tool to move it off.

my fair lady butterfly picture effect

Enlarge after that the picture's surface, using the Crop Tool and open in a new window the picture we'll use for the background (ctrl+o).

my fair lady butterfly picture effect

Mark it our with Rectangular Marquee Tool, make a copy of it: Edit ? Copy (ctrl+c) and get back to the previous window to insert it on a new layer: Edit ? Paste (ctrl+v). Place this layer under the girl's one and make the corrections on its size and on the background's placement, applying Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t).

my fair lady butterfly picture effect 


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