Free Desktop Wallpaper with Effects

Free Desktop Wallpaper with Effects - Part 3
Now we have to merge down all the grouped layers, except the background's one, using the next combination: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e). Make a copy of the new layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j) and select the commands Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t) and Edit ? Transform ? Distort to change the size and the copy's layer's placement. Then situate the layer under the basic layer, containing the ornaments:

computer free desktop wallpaper

Change the layer's colors now, situated lower, using Image
? Adjustments ? Channel Mixer

computer free desktop wallpaper

Make a copy of the lighter ornaments and the lowest one should be done totally white, selecting the Channel Mixer.

computer free desktop wallpaper

Blur out this layer, using Filter ? Blur ? Gaussian Blur.

computer free desktop wallpaper 


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