Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel - 1
The new lesson we'll see how to retouch the skin of a model, imitate the make-up, draw the tattoos, represent the hair out of the smoke, use different textures, represent the clouds and insert the wings on the picture, enlarge the background the model is situated on, not cutting it out and create the effect of an old picture, at least on its edges.

Open in a new window the picture of a girl, situated on a single nuance background: File ? Open (ctrl+o).

galaxy angel

Select the Eyedropper Tool to copy the background's color and place it on the palette as "background color". Choose the Crop Tool also to enlarge the picture's size.

galaxy angel

As we may see the picture's edges are clearly visible, that is why we'll get rid of them. Blur them out for the beginning, using the Patch Tool.

galaxy angel

Select in the Brush Tool option a brush type named Chalk and start applying it on a new layer (Layer ? Mew Layer), selecting a darker color that we'll use on the whole background.

galaxy angel

Blur out the layer, using Filter ? Blur ? Gaussian Blur.

galaxy angel 


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