Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel - 2
Merge down the layers: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e) and we'll have a whole background of one nuance.

galaxy angel

Continue by retouching the girl's skin. Choose the Clone Stamp Tool firstly and apply pointed motions to hide the most visible skin's defects (the colors must be copied near the place we want to retouch).

galaxy angel

The Patch Tool will be helpful in hiding the swellings under the girl's eyes.

galaxy angel

Copy now the layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j) and apply the next option on the copy - layer: Filter ? Blur ? Smart Blur.

galaxy angel

Create now a mask out of the layer: Layer ? Add Layer Mask ? Hide All and make use of the Brush Tool of white color with smooth edges to make the layer visible only on the smoothest skin places (the face, the neck, arms, but don't paint the folds).

galaxy angel 


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