Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel - 5
Insert on a new layer the already scanned picture of a tattoo. Open it firstly in a new window (ctrl+o), mark it out with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a copy of it Edit ? Copy (ctrl+c). Get back to the girl's window and insert it on a new layer (ctrl+v).

galaxy angel

Decolorize this layer: Image ? Adjustments ? Desaturate (shift+ctrl+u) and increase the layer's contrast, applying next option: Image ? Adjustments ? Curves (ctrl+m).

galaxy angel

Insert the picture on the necessary place (in this case we have to put it on the forearm),
using the Free Transform selection (ctrl+t) and change the layer's Blending Mode on Multiply.

galaxy angel

Just to make the tattoo look more real, we have to create the illusion that the picture repeats the arm's volume. It's possible to do this manipulation by applying the Turbulence Tool in the next window: Filter ? Liquefy (shift+ctrl+x).

galaxy angel

Erase now that part of the picture situated outside the skin's borders (Eraser Tool).

galaxy angel 


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