The Scream Photo Effects

The scream photo effects - 1
Several possibilities of correcting the drawbacks of the model's figure and skin, cut out the hair, correct the colors and work with the layers and layers' masks. We'll learn to apply some of the program's filters too.

Open in a new window the appropriate girl's picture: File ? Open (ctrl+o) Image: ?qo=1&q=by%3Asinned-angel-stock+scream&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

the scream photo effects

Make a copy of this layer to make possible working with it: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j). Erase the previous layer: Layer ? Delete ? Layer. Then mark out the whole background with the Polygonal Lasso Tool and delete it, but the hair should remain as a common element.

the scream photo effects

Move off the markings: Select ? Deselect (ctrl+d) and increase the layer's brightness, applying the next command: Image ? Adjustments ? Curves (ctrl+m).

the scream photo effects

Pass to the next window Filter ? Liquefy (shift+ctrl+x) and choose the Turbulence Tool to make the corrections on the girl's face and figure:

the scream photo effects

Applying the Clone Stamp Tool, it's possible to paint all the drawbacks on the girl's skin.

the scream photo effects

Open in a new window the sky's picture, reserved for the background to be next (ctrl+o).

the scream photo effects 


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