Human Statue Photo Effects

Human Statue Photo Effects - 1
In this tutorial we will learn several methods of decolorizing the photos, add the missing parts of the statue, use the layers' masks for combining different pictures, insert the shadows and make the picture look older as it is for real.

Open in a new window the picture of an old room: File ? Open (ctrl+o).

human statue

Now we have to make the correction on the layer's brightness and contrast: Image ? Adjustments ? Levels (ctrl+l).

human statue

Making the corrections on the color is possible to do with the next selection: Image ? Adjustments ? Curves (ctrl+m).

human statue

Make a copy of this layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j) and decolorize the copy, using the next command: Image ? Apply Image.

human statue

Create a mask out of this layer: Layer ? Add Layer Mask ? Reveal All and choose the Gradient Tool of black color to make the layer invisible on the top.

human statue

Now we may combine the layers: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e). Open in a new window the picture of a statue (ctrl+o).

human statue 


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