Scorpion Photo Effect

Create Scorpion Photo Effect - Part 1
We will learn how to correct the skin's tone, create the transparent wings' effect, insert the pictures and transform a simple photo in a mysterious one.

Open the girl's skin photo: File ? Open (ctrl+o)

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop

Outline it along the contour, using Polygonal Lasso Tool. Copy it: Edit ? Copy (ctrl+c) and insert it on a new layer, using the next command Edit ? Paste (ctrl+v). Erase the previous layer, using the button of fast erasing on the Layers window.

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop

Take another instrument (Smudge Tool),
preliminary setting brush's hardness on 0% and paint the birthmarks and skin's unevenness.

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop

Apply Smart Blur filter.

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop

Make the layer lighter using the command Image ? Adjustments ? Desaturate (shift+ctrl+u).

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop

Give a tone to the skin, using a color filter: Image ? Adjustments ? Photo Filter. Choose the yellow color.

scorpion photo effect in adobe photoshop 

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