Sunny Day Effects

Sunny Day - 1
In this tutorial I'll show you how to represent the wallpapers by imitating the vector style, create the effect of luminescence, create several types of rays, learn how to use the layers and decolorize the picture. I'll show you also how to work with layer's masks.

Create a new file of standard size wallpapers: File ? New (ctrl+n).

Sunny Day

Paint the background's layer with the color you want to be there, choosing the Paint Bucket Tool.

Sunny Day

Open in a new window the picture of the sky: File ? Open (ctrl+o).

Sunny Day

Mark the picture out with Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a copy of it: Edit ? Copy (ctrl+c).
Get back to the wallpapers window to insert the copy on a new layer: Edit ? Paste (ctrl+v). Make a correction of the new layer's size, applying the command: Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t) and decolorize it, selecting the best version of Channel option in the next window: Image ? Apply Image.

Sunny Day

Change now the layer's Blending Mode on Screen and minimize the Opacity till 90%.

Sunny Day

Create a new layer again (Layer ? New - Layer) to decolorize the angle the sun is situated on, choosing the Gradient Tool and changing the layer's Blending Mode on Soft Light.

Sunny Day 


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