Sunny Day Effects

Sunny Day - 2
Start representing the sun. Create firstly a round marking with Elliptical Marquee Tool, pressing the shift button and paint it out with the Gradient Tool, changing the gradient's type. Create after that a new layer again and represent on it an oval which must be painted too. Make many copies of the layer in case: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j). Use then the next option Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t) to place the rays around the sun.

Sunny Day

Insert the flares, applying the same instruments.

Sunny Day

Create a new layer again and group it out with the layer the sun is situated on: Layer ? Create Clipping Mask (ctrl+g). Create one more
marking on the sun's surface and paint it out in white color. Change the layer's Blending Mode on Soft Light.

Sunny Day

Combine all the layers composing the sun: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e), and make a copy of the new layer (ctrj+j) and then make the lowest copy look totally white, using the next option: Image ? Channel Mixer:

Sunny Day

Blur it out with Filter ? Blur ? Gaussian Blur.

Sunny Day

Then make two copies of the layer just to make the luminescence more intensive:

Sunny Day 


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