Sunny Day Effects

Sunny Day - 4
Now we have to mark out the rays placed on the layer in case by clicking on the layer and holding the ctrl button. This way we'll move off the markings, passing on the previous layer and after that on the auxiliary one: Layer ? Delete ? Layer.

Sunny Day

Move off the rays situated above the grass by creating firstly the layer's mask: Layer ? Add Layer Mask ? Reveal All. We may apply also the Gradient Tool of black color to hide them if that is necessary.

Sunny Day

We may select the next command also Layer ? Remove Layer Mask ? Apply. Create a new layer above the
background's one to represent there one more type of rays, choosing the Polygonal Lasso Tool and Paint Bucket Tool.

Sunny Day

We must also make the layer's Opacity smaller till 15%.

Sunny Day

The Ellipse Tool will be helpful in adding several circles on a new layer:

Sunny Day

On the grouped layer with the previous one (ctrl+g) we'll decolorize the rays a little:

Sunny Day 


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