Cant Sleep wallpaper

Cant Sleep wallpaper - 1

Tips about how I made the Cant Sleep wallpaper ( see wallpaper ).

Cant Sleep: Making of - Step 1

Start with new image, and fill it with very dark blue color. Then, with very large (800-1000 px) Soft Round Brush, add a bit of black here and there. Then, apply blur (filters > blur > gaussian > 30-40 px) to smooth the background.

Cant Sleep: Making of - Step 2

The following steps
will help us to create insteresting non-homogeneous texture. Create New Layer, switch to Rough Round Bristle brush, set color to white, and fill entire layer with the chaotic brush strokes.

Cant Sleep: Making of - Step 3

Then, set this layer blend mode to Overlay. It will look almost invisible, but after all this is only a background :-)

Cant Sleep: Making of - Step 4

In another new layer, repeat the same but with black brush.

Cant Sleep: Making of - Step 5


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