Animated Rainbow Wallpaper

with Path selection tool (A), select the circle you just made, copy-paste it (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), scale down a bit (hit Ctrl-T and resize with your mouse holding Shift). Then change path mode to Substract.
Rainbows - making of - Step 9

Switch to Pen tool (P), change mode to Substract, then carefully add a shape that hides unnecessary part of circle.
Rainbows - making of - Step 10

I wanted that the rainbow is cut 2-3 pixels before it connects to cloud. It is very easy to do: select layer with cloud, switch to Path selection tool (A), select the circle that touches the rainbow, copy it (Ctrl-C).
Rainbows - making of - Step 11

Then go back to the layer with rainbow, click a rainbow path to select it, paste (Ctrl-V), scale up a bit (Ctrl-T, then resize with the mouse holding Shift), and finally, change path mode to Substract.
Rainbows - making of - Step 12

Now that one color is ready, repeat these steps to create another color.
Rainbows - making of - Step 13

And another and another, until the rainbow is ready.
Rainbows - making of - Step 14

Now you know how to create rainbows - why not add some more?
Rainbows - making of - Step 15


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