Constellation Of Lotus - Photo Effects

Constellation Of Lotus - Photo Effects 1
The next lesson we'll learn using different textures, create the effect of luminescence, change different colors with the others, we'll see also how to use the layers and imitate several cosmic effects.

For the beginning we need to open a new file of standard size wallpapers: File ? New (ctrl+n).

Constellation Of Lotus

Paint the background's layer in white, choosing firstly the Paint Bucket Tool. Then open in a new window the picture of a girl, looking like practicing meditation: File ? Open (ctrl+o)

Constellation Of Lotus

Mark out the girl's contours using the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Constellation Of Lotus

Select the
next option: Edit ? Cut (ctrl+v) and get back to the wallpapers' window to insert the girl on a new layer: Edit ? Paste (ctrl+v). Next step includes making the corrections on the girl's size and her placement, applying the next selection: Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t):

Constellation Of Lotus

Make a copy after that of the girl's layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+c) and select for the copy next shown filter's option: Filter ? Blur ? Gaussian Blur.

Constellation Of Lotus

Change the layer's Blending Mode on Soft Light and then combine the layers, containing the girl's figure: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e).

Constellation Of Lotus 


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