Making of Eze Wallpaper

Eze Wallpaper - 1

Tips about how I made the Eze wallpaper ( see wallpaper ).

Eze - Making of - Step 1

Let's start with the background image. Fill the layer with solid color...

Eze - Making of - Step 2

... double click on layer to open its blending options, add gradient (overay) and a bit of inner glow (black, overlay).

Eze - Making of - Step 3

To make this background look like a wall, I took the real photo of a wall (taken by me some time ago), turned it to grayscale (Ctrl-Shift-D) and sharpened the wall texture by increasing image contrast.

Eze - Making of - Step 4

then I pasted this image to our file and set its blend mode to soft light.

Eze - Making of - Step 5


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