Making of Eze Wallpaper

Eze Wallpaper - 3
Now simply duplicate this layer set several times and distribute the copies here and there. For each frame, hit Ctrl-T (transform) and rotate but very slightly (not more than 1 degree).

Eze - Making of - Step 11

Our frames are empty - we need pictures inside them. My idea is to have one photo sliced into pieces. But before that, I need a single layer which would be "container" for this photo. Select all frames (to do so, click layers one by one holding Ctrl-Shift).

Eze - Making of - Step 12

go to menu Select - Modify - Contract, and contract by around 40 pixels.

Eze - Making of - Step 13

Create new layer and fill with solid color (doesn't matter which).

Eze - Making of - Step 14

Paste the photo that you'd like to put inside the frames...

Eze - Making of - Step 15

...and then simply hit Ctrl-G to group this layer with previous. Voila!

Eze wallpaper ( see wallpaper ).

Author: Vlad Gerasimov


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