Designing a Diving Wallpaper

Add another highlight: in new layer, with white soft brush (B), add a dot, then transform it (Ctrl-T) as shown here,...
Diving - making of - Step 42

then set its blend mode to... you guessed it, Overlay!, opacity to 30-40%, and again, Ctrl-Shift-G (Create clipping mask)
Diving - making of - Step 43

Add another highlight...
Diving - making of - Step 44

...set blend mode to overlay...
Diving - making of - Step 45

then let's make another nice reflection. Create new document (square, about 200x200 px), with transparent background, switch to Shape tool (U), choose Polygon, set sides=4, then open Options,
check Star, and set Indent sizes to about 85%. With these options, add a star near top-left edge of image.
Diving - making of - Step 46

Rasterize the layer (Layer menu - Rasterize - Shape), then go to Filters - Distort - Spherize - apply about 50-60% effect. Repeat if needed.
Diving - making of - Step 47

Now copy-paste the star, transform it as needed (scale down and rotate), then set its blend mode to overlay.
Diving - making of - Step 48

Another nice highlight: return to the original shape layer with water drop, duplicate it (Ctrl-J), bring copied layer forward in layers palette (make sure that all clipped layers remain clipped). Then change its color to white and scale down a bit (Ctrl-T).
Diving - making of - Step 49


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