Making of Fire Dragon

The final touch is clouds above the volcano (to tell the truth, I added clouds to hide transition between volcano and dragon :-) I was not happy with it). Create new document, with width twice more than height. set foreground to white and background to black. Then apply Clouds filter (Filters menu - Render).
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 32

select central part of image, as shown here. Transform (Ctrl-T), holding Alt key, and stretch selection to fill entire document.
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 33

(like this)
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 34

Enable Quick Mask (Q key), apply Clouds filter again, disable Quick Mask (Q key again). You should get selection similar to this.
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 35

Fill selection with black color (simply hit Ctrl-Backspace for that). Then, set Auto Levels (Ctrl-Shift-L).
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 36

Do that again - enable quick mask, apply Clouds filter, disable quick mask, fill selection with black, set auto levels (or, in shortcuts - Q, Ctrl-F, Q, Ctrl-Backspace, Ctrl-Shift-F).
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 37

Now we need to remove black from this image. To do so, select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), enable quick mask (Q), paste (Ctrl-V), disabled quick mask (Q). Note how white parts are selected.
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 38

Invert selection (Ctrl-Shift-I) and delete (Del). Then open Hue/Saturation window (Ctrl-U), and set lightness to 100. You should get white clouds on transparent background.
Fire Dragon - making of - Step 39


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