Grudge illustration

Hello. Today we are going to make a Grudge illustration using Adobe Photoshop. No tablet for today, just pure Photoshop with its amazing features.

Do start with creating a document with these dimensions.

grudge illustration

I usually start my drawings with background, but now I will make a foreground first.

Out Foreground element will be a world – "HEIST", the first word that came into my mind * (as usual).

The font is creepy too, just like I want.

You can see some text layout adjustments in the top right corner. They aren't standard.

grudge illustration

I will make a copy of my text layer and rasterize it and apply motion blur filter to it.

grudge illustration

grudge illustration

grudge illustration

There we go.

grudge illustration

I will give one very good advice. When you are sketching (or making a colorful illustration) try to get rid of the white!!*(background) as quickly as possible.

So I will now. For this operation I will use brushes and mere mouse.

Our illustration supposed to be creepy so I will use Blood brushes.

Here is my newly downloaded set of blood brushes. I didn't really mess with all the brush making thing when illustrating, but when painting digitally it has to be hone. Custom brushes will save you millions of hours of rendering and making effects.

grudge illustration

Choosing proper settings:

grudge illustration

And here we go. Something likes this. These half tones were made just changing the opacity settings.

grudge illustration


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