Christmas Night Effects

Christmas Night wallpaper - Page 1

Tips about how I made the Christmas Night wallpaper (see wallpaper).

Christmas Night - making of - Step 1

Before you start reading this tutorial, I recommend making a big cup of coffee - it will be quite long :-)

So, to start, create new document (I made it 3200x2000 pixels) and fill background with solid black color.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 2

To fill our sky with stars, we'll need some help of ContextFree. You can get it at
I downloaded one of fractals and manipulated it so that it fits my needs. You can download my fractal file here: xmasnight.cfdg. Using this file, create several similar fractals (in ContextFree, hit Ctrl-R to refresh and get new variation) and saved them as PNG images (right-click and save as image).

Christmas Night - making of - Step 3

Open all PNG fractals in Photoshop, copy and paste them into one document, so that each fractal is a layer. For each layer, set Blend mode to "screen". It will make stars blend together.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 4

Repeat as many times as you like, until you get enough stars. (I used about 20 fractals). If your stars are wrong color, you can colorize them - hit Ctrl-U and adjust
hue and lightness as necessary.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 5

I wanted that the stars do not only fill entire image, but also create subtle "paths", or roads. For that, I used another fractal-generated image from ContextFree. Sorry I deleted the source file! But if you open ContextFree and open "cillasun" or "demo1" from examples menu, that might be OK too.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 6

ContextFree generates black fractals on white background. I need only black fractal, with transparent background. Here's how: open PNG image in Photoshop, select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), close (Ctrl-W), create new file (Ctrl-N), paste (Ctrl-V), switch to mask mode (Q), paste (Ctrl-V), sqitch back (Q), delete (Del).

Christmas Night - making of - Step 7

Instead of black fractal, you need white. The fastest way is Ctrl-U, then set lightness = 100%.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 8

Copy resulted fractal image and paste it into top-right corner of our artwork.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 9

Then, simply set its layer opacity mode to "overlay". Result: in this corner stars are now grouped into nice "roads". If you need to make result more visible, simply duplicate the layer with fractal.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 10


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