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Christmas Night wallpaper - Page 4

Christmas Night - making of - Step 26

Now the tricky part! The continents shining in the night. The inspiration came from famous photo from NASA - see

But simply copy and paste would be too.. well, simple! Let us be inspired by the photo but not rip it. So, in new document, select Freeform Pen tool, and with rough mouse movements draw a shape that resembles our continents. Remember to distort them, as they are located in a sphere.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 27

Take all fractals that you used in the very first steps (to create stars in background) and paste them here again. As previously, set blend more to "screen" so that all fractals are seen through each other. Then, merge all fractal layers (Ctrl-E), and desaturate (Ctrl-U).

Christmas Night - making of - Step 28

Now, delete all parts of fractals layer that are outside "continents shape" layer. There are 2 ways to do that. A) simply group these 2 layers
(Ctrl-G) and then merge (Ctrl-E), or select continents shape, set selection to layer transparency (see above how to do it), switch back to fractals layer, invert selection (Ctrl-Shift-I) and Delete.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 29

Now all you need to to is insert the result into our artwork, and set its blend mode to "color dodge"! Woo-hoo!

Christmas Night - making of - Step 30

Now let's make the lines going from the earth with congratulation messages. Creating smooth line is a bit tricky but result is quite good. As always, create a new layer. Open Paths palette. On bottom of it, click New button to create new path (empty so far). Make sure this path is selected.

Christmas Night - making of - Step 31

Switch to Pen tool (not freeform pen!). Draw a line with curved point in the middle (if unsure, here's how to do it: first point: click; second point: click, drag a bit, release; third point: click).

Christmas Night - making of - Step 32


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