Autumn leaves wallpaper effects

Autumn leaves wallpaper - Page 2

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 7

Create new layer, select Brush tool (B) and in Window menu, open Brushes tool window. Select our new brush, then go to Brush Tip Shape and increase Spacing to some 500-600%.

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 8

Then, enable Shape Dynamics, and increase Size Jitter, Minimum diameter and Angle Jitter.

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 9

Then, with black brush, make some chaotic strokes to put some leaves nere and there. It is important that leaves are not overlapped.

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 10

Now we have some black leaves, but I want brown ones. To fix that, use Magic Wand to select empty area of layer with leaves...

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 11

..then invert selection (Ctrl-Shift-I), create new layer, and fill selection with brown color.

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