Autumn leaves wallpaper effects

Autumn leaves wallpaper - Page 5

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 25

Create new layer, fill with white, move white layer BELOW layer with black dots, then merge all layers (Ctrl-Shift-E).

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 26

Go to effects - Blur - Gaussian blur, apply blur with about 3-4 pixels.

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 27

Open Levels (Ctrl-L) and adjust them carefully
so that dots are sharpened and rounded. For me, the best result is 144 and 161.

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 28

Remove white. You might know how to do it from my previous tutorials, so in short:
- select all (Ctrl-A)
- copy (Ctrl-C)
- turn on quick mask (Q)
- paste (Ctrl-V)
- turn off quick mask (Q)
- remove selection (Del)
- make layer black (Ctrl-U, set Lightness to -100%).

Autumn leaves - making of - Step 29

Now copy black dots to our wallpaper, and invert (Ctrl-I) to make dots white.

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