Old Venice Photo Effects

Old Venice Photo Effects

This tutorial will show you one idea about how you can make your photo look old. As always, start with new image, fill background with solid color (see wallpaper 800x600px).
Old Venice - making of - Step 1

Apply a bit of Noise effect (Effects - Noise - Add Noise), about 3-4%
Old Venice - making of - Step 2

Fade effect, so that amount of noise is reduced (Ctrl-Shift-F).
Old Venice - making of - Step 3

Add a bit of Sponge effect (menu Effects - Artistic - Sponge). Tweak effect settings to your liking. After effect is applied, use Fade (Ctrl-Shift-F) again to make Sponge less visible, and let a bit of Noise come through.
Old Venice - making of - Step 4

I found this nice old paper image in stock photos - you can also scan it if you have it. Paste image in your document, then desaturate (Ctrl-Shift-U).
Old Venice - making of - Step 5

Set layer blend mode to Overlay, adjust opacity as needed (i set it about 30-40%). Now our old paper is ready, lets put a photo in it!
Old Venice - making of - Step 6

Here is the original photo that I took in my travel to Venice.Paste it into our document...
Old Venice - making of - Step 7

..and then simply change its layer blend mode to Overlay! That is all!
Old Venice - making of - Step 8

If you want to make image darker, duplicate layer with photo and change its blend mode to Multiply and set opacity to 40-60%.
Old Venice - making of - Step 9

Click to see wallpaper 800x600px.

Author: Vlad Gerasimov
URL:    http://www.vladstudio.com


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said this on 09 Oct 2009 3:29:45 PM MDT
Nice tutorial, thanks

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