Abstract Painting Tutorial

Today we are going to create a picture in 2 stages. In stage 1 we are going to practice brushes and form some kind of picture structure and in second stage we will choose what we are going to paint and draw some details to our picture.

So let's begin.

We are starting as usual, by creating a new layer.

abstract painting tutorial

Create a new layer and just fill it with black.

abstract painting tutorial

Then make these two line selection and copy them into2 separate layers.

abstract painting tutorial

These selections have approximate the same width but they are different.

abstract painting tutorial

Create new layer.

This will be our backgroundf layer.

abstract painting tutorial

And begin to paint.

abstract painting tutorial

I've hosen this custom brush (257) to paint my background. It has some texture and is soft edged. This will work to form a background shape.

I would like to color to be yellow or something like yellow.

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial


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