Abstract Painting Tutorial

Create a copy of this layer and use Gaussian Blur on the top one.

I often use this trick to soften the edges or to give some king of atmosphere effect.

Note that the top layer opacity is near 70-80%.

abstract painting tutorial

I will work now to refine the edges of my shape. I will use 2 custom brushes: the dot brush and the Rock brush.

Don't set any settings in brush options.

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial

Here you can see my Custom brushes. You can always
find them in the Internet (davaintart.com for example) or just make them.

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial

Still refining the edges and forming the shape.

abstract painting tutorial

abstract painting tutorial

And this is it for the first part of this tutorial. Follow me in the 2nd part of my Abstract painting tutorial.


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