ZangZang - Amazing Colorful Effects

I will create some kind of background.

Well, definitely it is not a proper way to create you image I think. You should always make a structure how your image will be built.

You should start from something - maybe a background and finish it before making a foreground. But it is also very important to free your mind and not to lock yourself into something or just somebody has said to you. So here, it is up to you to decide how to build an illustration how to build your proper method of creation. It will take a wile.

So I’ve just created a layer underneath our object layer and filled it with (MY) background to foreground gradient.

amazing colorful effects

amazing colorful effects

Now I really like to texture things. In digital world a lot can be gained by texturing. And there are also different
ways of texturing, you can use a brush a pattern or even an image. Moreover you should handle with texture carefully because when you are using a pattern it will change the tone and maybe you don’t want that.

I’ve applied some layer styles to my background.

As you can see they are all connected to texturing. #imi#img14.jpg

amazing colorful effects

amazing colorful effects

Here is our result.

amazing colorful effects

And our pattern has changed the tones even on this plain tones image. So be careful if you are working with something Big.

Now I want to works on my object. Here is my layer styles applied to my foreground object.

Yea :) a lot. Just watch the pictures carefully. Switch OFF the Global Light. (Not like on the image).


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