1981 was a f*$&ing great year

1981 was a f...... great year
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This tutorial is about creating fantastic and unique gifts to your friends.

This picture I made for one of my friends birthday, I didn't really knew what she loves more than herself, so I decided to give her a print of herself. It worked, for a half of hour or so she was running with my giant print and showing it to all guests at the party. I was happy, she was happy, what can be better!? So let's start!

1. For the beginning create a new document with the dimension of the print you want to make. Go File > New with 3508x4961 px and 300 dpi, a standard A3 paper.

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

2. Place in the original picture you selected by going File > Place. Scale it up or down, depending on the dimensions of your shot, by pressing Ctrl + T, in my case it was smaller so I had to drag by one of the corners holding down Shift + Alt keys to keep the proportions of my photo intact. After you are covered the file surface and placed it right press Enter key to accept the transformations you've made, or if you don't like something you've done press Esc key and try again.

3. Name the layer Original by double-clicking on layer's name in the layer's palette. In my case I'm OK with background in this photo but I still want to focus on the girl with s special filter or something so I need to cut her out. To do that select the Polygonal Lasso tool by simply pressing L key, zoom in by holding down Alt key + scrolling up the mouse wheel. ( By the way if you scroll down the mouse wheel while holding down the Alt key you will zoom
out, just to let you know.))) ) If you are not common with the Polygonal Lasso tool I will give you some tips. If you want trace the smallest details you have to zoom very much, but how to move around??? Simply hold down the Space Bar and you will see a little hand appearing that's the Hand tool, now just Left click on the image and drag your picture around. The Hand tool is always activated by the Space Bar, from any other tool. If you made a trace mistake, like I've done here, and traced some unwanted region, don't get mad and cancel the trace by pressing Esc key. Just keep your cool and get on the right track and finish the trace.

Then you're done go to Tool option panel in the upper - left corner. Make sure the Polygonal Lasso tool is still selected, then press the Subtract from selection button and carefully trace out the part you don't want to see in your selection. Here you go, now it's perfect. But still edgy, go Select > Refine Edge or just press Ctrl + Alt + R play with the options till your border looks the best it could then press OK.

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

4. With the Original layer selected and with the section you've made with the Polygonal tool on press Ctrl + C to copy the traced object. Now press the Create new layer button in the lower - right corner of the Layer's palette to create a new layer. Double click on its name to change it go Girl. Now press Ctrl + V to paste. Click on the eye icon right next to your Girl layer in the layers palette to make it disappear for now.

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