1981 was a f*$&ing great year

1981 was a f...... great year
5. Select the Original layer again and drag it on the same old Create new layer button in the layers palette to duplicate this layer. Double - click its name to change it to Background Strokes, because that's what will do to him. With the layer selected go to Filter > Brush Strokes > Sprayed Strokes. In the filter's dialog box raise Stroke Length and Stroke Radius to maximum cause we are working here with a real large picture, and leave Stroke Direction - Right Diagonal, I think it looks better this way. The rendering may proceed slowly, because I repeat we are working with a real large picture. Have patience, it will pay out! Then you're done press OK.

6. Now change the blending mode to Hard Light in the blending mode drop down box in the layers palette, and lower the opacity to around 70% in the same palette. See how the color busts out? Like it? )) I thought so. I you don't try so more combinations of blending modes and opacity, always fill free to explore, it may take more time to make something, but it can bring you some unexpected great results.

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

7. Now back to the Girl layer, turn it back on by clicking again in the eye check box right next to layer's name. So for the next step you will need a special filter which not all of may have, but definitely all of you MUST get! It's called Comics from the Alien Skin Snap Art pack, and can help you create amazing comic art easy as pie. So if you both it or downloaded it I don't really care, just make sure It's properly installed on your PC. Now go to Filter > Alien Skin Snap Art > Comics and chose Halftoning, small features and low contrast from factory defaults, and press OK.

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

8. Now with the Girl layer selected change the blending mode to Vivid Light and lower the opacity to 25%. After drag the Girl layer on the Create new layer button to duplicate it. Name the new layer Girl Burn, change its blending mode to Color Burn and raise the opacity to 75%. Like it? I bet you do!

9. Next thing we do it's the type. Think of what you want to type first. My friend was born in 1981, so to make her one more nice thing I made up this one ?1981 was a f*$&ing great year?. Now choose the font. To give it a little retro look I chose a brush script font. The one I used is called ?Brush MT Bold?. Select the Type tool by pressing T key and type in your text. Rename your text layer after the thing you wrote in there, my is called ?1981 was a f*$&ing great year?.

10. But what is a brush script without a nice tail, if your font has one or more is great, my didn't so I had to draw one myself. Select the Pen tool, zoom in on the end on the last letter and start drawing. Just be sure that in the tool option panel Path button is pressed. When you're done and satisfied with the Pen tool still selected right - click on the path and select Make selection. After press Create New Layer button in the layers palette, name it Tail and fill it with the same color you type is. How to do that? With your tail selection still on, choose the Eyedropper toll by pressing I, left - click anywhere on your type, and after Alt + Backspace to fill the selected area with the foreground color. Ctrl + D to deselect.

1981 was a f*$&ing great year

1981 was a f*$&ing great year 


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