Making of Stitching

Making of Stitching - Part 1
Tips about how I made the Stitching wallpaper ( see wallpaper ).

This artwork was especially fun to do. I had clear idea of what I want to achieve, and used couple of Photoshop tricks to do that. To start, take your old jeans (new will not do :-) and scan them. Here is what I got in scanned image.
Stitching - making of - Step 1

Even though my jeans are dark-brown, scanned image is way too light. To make it darker, select layer with scanned image, duplicate it, set new layer blend mode to 'Multiply' and opacity to about 50%.
Stitching - making of - Step 2

It is a bit darker now but not enough! Simply duplicate layer again and again, until jeans texture is dark enough. From my screenshot, you can see there are 10 copies of original
layer, all with blend mode set to Multiply. Do not forget to 'Merge' layers (Ctrl-Shift-E) - we'll need this image as single layer.
Stitching - making of - Step 3

This jeans texture is our background, now find some other jeans with different color. For this new texture, repeat the same steps to make it dark enough - but a bit lighter than our very first background jeans. Copy this image to your original file, so that first jeans is one layer and this second jeans is another layer in same file.

Stitching - making of - Step 4

Now, create new layer, and with hard black brush, draw the silhouette of an object - for me, it was a cat. Do not be very careful drawing straight lines - in fact, we are going to make them quite rough! Then, use Magic Wand tool (W key) to select the layer content.
Stitching - making of - Step 5


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