Making of Stitching

Making of Stitching - Part 3
Voila! :-)
Stitching - making of - Step 12

Scan jeans button, cut it with Round Selection tool (Shift-M), and resize (Ctrl-Shift-I) so that it is small enough.
Stitching - making of - Step 13

Then, paste to our original file, and apply the following layer effects: Drop Shadow (black), Outer glow (also black, little opacity), Color overlay (light brown, blend mode = multiply).
Stitching - making of - Step 14

Here goes the trickiest part - the threads that actually stitch!
Choose the color (I chose orange), and with hard round brush, paint the threads (be careful this time! draw slowly curved lines)
Stitching - making of - Step 15

For these threads, we also need jeans texture. Open recently scanned image, make it greyscale (Ctrl-Shift-U), and apply Auto Levels (Ctrl-Shift-L).
Stitching - making of - Step 16

Then, select all, and in Edit menu, choose Define Pattern. Click OK in opened dialog window, then you can close this image without saving. Return to our original file.
Stitching - making of - Step 17


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