Making of Stitching

Making of Stitching - Part 4
Make sure layer with threads is selected, open its Layer style, check Pattern overlay, set pattern blend mode to Overlay, then open Pattern selection dropdown list, and choose the very last one - it is the one that you just created!
Stitching - making of - Step 18

More layer effects for this layer: Bevel and Emboss (blend mode = overlay), Outer Glow (black, blend mode = multiply).
Stitching - making of - Step 19

Create new layer, set foreground color to black, select Soft brush, and put dotes on ends of each thread.
Stitching - making of - Step 20

Go to Layer menu - Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl-Shift-G), so that black dots are 'masked' by the layer under them.
Stitching - making of - Step 21

Shadows are very important in this image, so create new layer below the layer with threads, and put more black dots where threads are supposed to touch the jeans.
Stitching - making of - Step 22

Create another new layer, set its blend mode to Soft light, and with the same black brush, draw shadow that falls from threads.
Stitching - making of - Step 23


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