EOS Airline

EOS Airline - Part 2
Create new document with 6x6 pixels size. With 1px black pencil tool, draw a line on bottom of image.
Eos - making of - Step 6

Go to Edit - Define Pattern, click OK
Eos - making of - Step 7

Close this document without saving (will not need it anymore), then create new document, square and about 3 times bigger than your original artwork - so if you made it 1024x768, make new document 3000x3000 pixels. Go to Edit menu - Fill, set Use to Pattern, then in
Custom Pattern list find the pattern you just created.
Eos - making of - Step 8

Now entire document is filled with lines.
Eos - making of - Step 9

Go to Filter menu - Distort - Twirl. Set Angle to about 100-150, apply. Now we have nice curved lines, shown here at 25% zoom. select part of this image, somewhere near center, copy to clipboard (Ctrl-C).
Eos - making of - Step 10


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