EOS Airline

EOS Airline - Part 3
Then return to original image and paste (Ctrl-V). Group this new layer with shape layer (Layer menu - Create clipping mask), so that curved lines are limited with red wave. Set lines layer blend mode to Soft light.
Eos - making of - Step 11

Switch to Eraser tool (E), set mode to Brush, select large soft brush, and erase lines near edge of red wave.
Eos - making of - Step 12

Create new layer, group it with previous layers (Layer menu - Create clipping mask),
then use very large black and white soft brush (B) to put dots here and there. Apply some Gaussian Blur (Filter menu - Blur - Gaussian Blur) if necessary.
Eos - making of - Step 13

Set this layer blend mode to Soft light.
Eos - making of - Step 14

Now, create new shape with different color (underneath red wave layer) and simply repeat all steps above!
Eos - making of - Step 15


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