Creating a character

Creating a character - 1
Creating a character This is a lesson how to create a futuristic funny character. It explains basic principles of drawing, designing and coloring.

Create a new file, not too big, for better PC performance. Let's say 800 X 800 / 72 pixel/inch. Immediately create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). This is going to be our Background layer.

Creating a character

Now fill background layer (layer 1) with any color you want - I have chosen yellow-orange color scheme (RGB 239-201-136).

Creating a character

As for me i prefer to draw with white background - so just turn off visible our background layer ( layer 1 ) - create another ( Painting )layer( Ctrl + Shift + N) and begin to draw. that is when all the magic happens )).

Our subject for today is a funny alien mailman (supposed to be a some kind of soldier) of some kind - let's see
for this painting I'm using my Wacom Graphire 4.

Stage 1 - Rough sketch. Here just draw basic forms, some perspective guide lines, if you need those and basic design features using. mi using standard PS (PhotoShop) 5 pixel rounded , Hard brush ( with brush opacity jitter, flow jitter in the other color dynamics section is turned to PEN PRESSURE + in the Shape Dynamics Section ? the Angle Jitter is set to pen Tilt and the Roundness jitter also set to Pen Pressure) .

Creating a character

and here it is - our rough 10 minutes sketch with some design features such as - funny legs - boxer shorts - and of course the glasses. It is very hard to design something on the run. It is a long process. Remember that you can change anything you want. Free your mind).

Creating a character

Note: to fix some lines Use Eraser (E) instead of White color. It is very important if you are using many layers in your artwork.


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