Aqua pure illustration

Aqua pure illustration - 1
Hallo ? our idea for today is to create an Aqua theme wallpaper or illustration, so let's get started.

The techniques I'm going to use here are ? basic PS techniques using layers and layer styles.
Moreover in this work I'm going to use my Wacom tablet and basic drawing techniques.

So start by creating a file (ctrl+n).

Aqua pure illustration

And a new layer (ctrl+alt+n). ? Fill our First layer (Layer1) with gradient or just create a gradient layer, as you wish. For my gradient I have chosen yellow ? orange color scheme. We are doing
sea theme so set the BLENDING mode of our Gradient layer to ? Exclusion. Now we have a cool blue ? cyan gradient color.

Aqua pure illustration

The second step will be putting a logo or some kind ?? I have written a big A ? with QUA in the center ? the word is aqua. If the theme of our tutorial is water I want make this logo water styled. Create 2 separate layers: one for the letter a and second for ?qua (aqua).

Aqua pure illustration 


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