Poker Machines

Poker Machines - 1
Hello. Our topic for today will be to create an illustration for poker or some kind machine. Why this one - I just don't know ? the first thing that came in to my mind this morning.

So start as usually ? crate a new document with these parameters (ctrl+n) ? and create a new layer (ctrl+alt+n).

poker websites

In this illustration I will basically use my Custom Shapes (U) with PS filters. Moreover I will use my Wacom tablet to create some amazing Glowing effects, so let's get started.

The concept ? some kind of Magic creature for the Poke machine Illustration, So I will begin by creating 2 hands (U) using my custom shapes ? one left and one right. Remember to set the
option in the upper rights box ? Add to Shape Area (+).

poker websites

Than comes the head. Outfit and the body (no the separate 3 layers, also using my Custom Shapes) ? set the option on ? Create a New Shape Layer.

Here is our result on custom shapes Choice:

poker websites

And here is the pre- layout (design) of our custom shapes. Or and one more thing ? Add some canvas size. I have fixed some object position issues (fix the hands using Path selection Tool and Ctrl+t command):

poker websites


poker websites 


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