How to create your own Planet

How to create your own Planet - 2
...then set this layer blend mode to Overlay. It is very hard to see now, so...
Planets - making of - Step 6

...duplicate this layer 3-4 times until the lines start to shine.
Planets - making of - Step 7

Now it is time to make shape for the planet. Using Shape tool, create blue circle.
Planets - making of - Step 8

Apply the following layer effects:
- Outer glow: black, overlay, 20-30px
- Inner glow: white, overlay, 1-2px
- Gradient: white-to-black, overlay, 20-30%
Planets - making of - Step 9

Then, in new layer, make the following shapes from 2 ovals (second in Intersect mode).
Planets - making of - Step 10


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