Extra space comet Effects

Space Oddessy - 1
Ok. What we are going to do this time is to make some kind of space and comet drawing. In this one I'm going to use a little bit of PS layer stiles techniques and a lot more hand painting techniques, so be careful.

Let's begin. Create a new PS document and a new layer (as usual) ? tap ctrl+n and ctrl+alt+n to create a new doc and a new layer. 1024 x 768 will be Ok.

extra space comet

I decided to fill our layer with Rounded gradient like so.

extra space comet

extra space comet

Using my custom shape tool and ellipse tool I have created 2 planets and 1 comet (it will be one) (on 3 separate layers).

extra space comet

Now let's texture those. PS doesn't give a complete range of styles. The image is no t fully realistic after using layer styles. But we give it a try. I always have my Wacom tablet not far from here).

So here are my settings on my foreground Planet (the big one). All the settings were applied to this color (not black) (layer mode linear dodge).

extra space comet 


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