Text Manipulation

Text Manipulation - 1
Today we are going to experiment with Text and Text Manipulations ? no Drawing for today.

So start as usual by creating a new layer and a document.

text manipulation

Then on a separate layer create a line ? and past some text there.

text manipulation

Now let's apply come layer styles + it is better to Fill the background layer with something, I choose the brush) ? I will use my custom brush ? you can use gradient or simple color fill - anything you want.

text manipulation

And here we have
it you can also apply some filters on it.
I used Twirl filter.

text manipulation

But this is not actually good ? it is not the theme of our lesson but it is very important for you to know and to feel the color so what I did.

I made a gradient layer (black to white).

text manipulation

And make a copy of it.

text manipulation

The layer location and settings ? note ? you will find many interesting colors if you play with Fill/Opacity.

text manipulation 


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