Making of Missing Piece

Missing Piece - making of - Part 1
Tips about how I made the Missing Piece wallpaper ( see wallpaper ).

This tutorial is about Missing Piece wallpaper. The most important thing you need for good wallpaper is the idea ;-) So I came up with pencil sketch, which I then scanned and opened in Photoshop.
Missing Piece - making of - Step 1

Create new document, fill it with background color of your desire (I chose greyish blue), and apply the following filters:
- Noise (Filters menu - Noise - Add noise)
- Sponge (Filters menu - Artistic - Sponge)
- Textutizer (Filters - Texture - Texturizer)

Important! After applying each effect, immediately hit Ctrl-Shift-F (Fade) and fade each filter down to 10-20%.
Missing Piece - making of - Step 2

I overlayed my scanned image for reference...
Missing Piece - making of - Step 3

Set foreground color
to orange, switch to Pen tool (P) and create a shape of puzzle piece, using pencil sketch as reference.
Missing Piece - making of - Step 4

Here is the completed shape - I decided it does not need to be very symmetric!
Missing Piece - making of - Step 5

Open Layer menu - Layer Style - Blending Options (or simply double-click on layer) and apply the following layer effects:

- Outer glow: black, size 3px, mode=overlay
- Bevel and emboss: size 2px, highlight mode=overlay, shadow mode=overlay
- Pattern overlay: choose any pattern that fits :-) blend mode=overlay, opacity=10-15%
Missing Piece - making of - Step 6

Duplicate this layer, change orange color to much darker (brown), then move this new layer down (so that it is behind original orange layer) and then move shape a little up and right. This will give additional depth to the puzzle piece.
Missing Piece - making of - Step 7


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