Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe Watch - Page 1
I think many people will agree that old hand watch mechanism are beautiful. And as you will find from this tutorial, it is not difficult to design them using only Photoshop tools

See wallpaper1, wallpaper2.

Start with plan background, filled with color of your choice...
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 1

In new layer, use very large soft black brush to add shadow.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 2

Let's create watch body. Using Shape Circle tool (U), add a circle.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 3

Add metallic look to it. You can do it well enough using only layer effects:
- outer glow: black, mode=overlay;
- inner glow: white, mode=overlay;
- gradient: switch to Metal family of gradient, then choose the gradient shown on screenshot, style=angle, mode=overlay, opacity=50%
- pattern: choose a pattern from nature patterns (or create your own pattern!), mode-overlay, opacity=10%.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 4

Add another, smaller circle,
with brighter color, and repeat layer effects. (You can copy them from first circle and paste into second).
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 5

Add more dark (almost black) smaller circles. Then apply the same layer effects.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 6

Now we need to add some symmetric decoravite elements. In new layer, use Pen tool (P) to create a shape similar to this.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 7

When your shape is ready, duplicate it (copy-paste), then move down and rotate 180 degrees.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 8

Select both shapes, copy, paste, rotate 6 degrees (to do so, hit Ctrl-T, then enter 6 in textbox on top bar with preferences). Repeat 60 times, until circle is completed.
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 9

Carefully align this decorative shape with clock shapes (so that they all are centered), then set layer blend mode to screen, and apply some layer effects: drop shadow, pattern overlay, bevel and emboss. Do not overload image with effects, though!
Patek Philippe Watch - making of - Step 10

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