Summer Rest - Design

Summer Rest - Part 1
The next topic we'll learn to create an illustration picturing the summer rest by imitating the vector.

All that you have to do firstly is to open in a new window a picture of a dancing girl: File - Open (ctrl+o).

Open firstly a new file: File - New (ctrl+n).

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2

It's necessary to copy this layer to be possible to work with it: Layer - Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j). The previous layer must be deleted by moving it on the Delete Layer button. Separate after that the girl from the background. You have to decolorize the layer at the beginning with the next command: Image - Adjustments - Desaturate (shift+ctrl+u). Then increase the brightness and the contrast of the layer: Image - Adjustments - Curves

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2

Apply the Polygonal Lasso Tool to mark out the floor the girl is situated on and erase it.

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2

Select the markings (Select - Deselect (ctrl+d)) and make use of the next options: Image - Adjustments - Levels (ctrl+l) to make a maximum contrast between the girl and the background.

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2

Mark out and delete the background after that with the Magic Wand Tool (10px). In the end all that must remain is the girl's figure.

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2

Increase now the size of the ground with the Crop Tool. Create a new layer now (Layer - New - Layer) and place it under the girl's layer. Paint it with the background's color, choosing the Gradient Tool.

designing summer rest in adobe Photoshop cs2 


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