Oblivion. Part 2

21) It's time for the shadows that must be pictured with the same dark – claret color or brown one. Select blue and dark – blue colors to insert on the picture more diversity.


22) Now we have to stop on the feathers on the princess's back. The basic layer has black color, but the lighter nuance will be selected for processing the middle part of the feather.


23) Select a lilac color or another lighter one for the strokes. Choose black color for inserting the longitudinal stripe on the middle part of the feather and the same color for the tints along the feather's edges.


24) Select
the Burn Tool for the shadows and the Dodge Tool for the lighter zones and for the strokes. As you may see the feather shines on.


25) The ornament is very easy to draw. Select for the beginning a neutral layer of the color you wish and then apply the blue color to represent the planned highlights.


26) Choose again the Burn Tool for the shadows and the Dodge Tool – for the brilliance. That's it! I hope you'll enjoy it. Naturally you may add some elements of your own, because I only stopped on the method. Everybody must have a result of his own.




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