Oblivion. Part 3

10) Set on the next three screens a kind of disorderliness among the stars, choosing for them also the necessary placement. You may see below the necessary options that are underlined.


11) -


12) -


13) -


14) Place appropriately the stars on our picture, applying the brush. You may see the options indicated on the screen.


15) We’ve got the shining stars and now we have to work with their brightness and placement.


16) Let's evaluate the
composition we have on this stage. It's obvious that we have to select the Eraser Tool to minimize the level of brightness of those stars getting out of the general picture.


17) My modest Moon is drawn in two stages. Its basic layer is composed of a rounded element of white color.


18) Insert some darker nuances, choosing them depending on the colors of the rest of the elements surrounding that zone we want to introduce the color on. I have blue clouds and that is why the rest of the colors are also connected with the main blue color. Leave on the Moon several small patches and spots. Next we have to insert several highlights on the nearest elements and on the veil. The Moon is finished!


My lesson came to end. Have fun when painting! Don't forget to make different experiments and introduce your own details and elements. Remember, you don't have to be afraid of the possible mistakes!

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