Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art - Part 1
The next task we'll learn correcting the colors, working with the layers' masks and the layers themselves. We'll see also how to combine different pictures and create the effect of oldness on the picture's surface.

For the beginning we have to open in a new window the picture of a palace's room: File ? Open (ctrl+o).

fantasy art

Make a copy of this layer, just to make the work easier: Edit ? Copy (ctrl+c). The previous layer should be deleted: Layer ? Delete ? Layer. Select then the Rules option and the command Edit ? Transform ? Distort and Crop
to smooth out the pictures distorts.

fantasy art

As we may see, the picture has a bad quality that is why we have to improve it. First we have to copy this layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j) and apply on it the next shown filter's options: Filter ? Noise ? Median, setting a small value for it.

fantasy art

Change now the layer's Blending Mode on Soft Light and merge down the layers: Layer ? Merge Down (ctrl+e).

fantasy art 


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