Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art - Part 2
Start correcting the colors after that which is possible to do, selecting Image ? Adjustments ? Selective Color.

fantasy art

Open in a new window the picture of a sea cost (ctrl+o).

fantasy art

Mark it out, choosing Rectangular Marquee Tool, make a copy of it (ctrl+c) and get back to the initial file to insert the copy on a new layer: Edit ? Paste (ctrl+v). Make the corrections on the size with Edit ? Free Transform (ctrl+t) and then hide the layer's visibility,
pressing on the eye's icon. Choose now the Polygonal Lasso Tool for marking the entire room's zone, except the floor. Then make the sea cost's layer visible again and delete the marked zone. Move off the markings: Select ? Deselect (ctrl+d).

fantasy art

Open in a new window the picture of waves:

fantasy art

Place the picture on a new layer (ctrl+v) and make the corrections on the colors (Selective Color).

fantasy art 


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