Adobe Photoshop Metallic Text

Adobe Photoshop Metallic Text - Part 1
This new lesson we'll see how to create a metallic text that would be illuminated from behind.

All that we have to do now is opening a new file of the necessary sizes: File ? New (ctrl+n) and paint the background's layer in black, choosing the Paint Bucket Tool for this operation.

adobe photoshop metallic text

Select after that the Text Tool of grey-light color and write the words you have next picture:

adobe photoshop metallic text

this combination on the layer: Layer ? Rasterize ? Type. Then make a copy of the layer: Layer ? Duplicate Layer (ctrl+j). Next step includes grouping the copies: Layer ? Create Clipping Mask (ctrl+g). Finally we have to apply on the upper layer the here shown filter option: Filter ? Noise ? Add Noise.

adobe photoshop metallic text

Blur out the layer, choosing the next combination: Filter ? Blur ? Motion Blur.

adobe photoshop metallic text 


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