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Oblivion. Part 1

This lesson I want to share my experience of representing difficult pictures. Usually I use standard brushes, changing sometimes their thickness, softness and transparency. This lesson includes representing in an easy way the human body (or almost human one), a portrait, clothes and accessories.

Oblivion. Part 3

The last part of the lesson includes picturing the starry night sky. A fragment of the sky. I try to choose a neutral background for it, placing the characters on the first plan. Use also soft colors and uncomplicated ornaments for the clouds.

Oblivion. Part 2

This is the second part of my lesson of representing the "Oblivion". The previous lesson I've shown you methods of picturing the human figure ant his clothes. This part I'll try explaining the process of picturing a woman. It's not necessary to choose the same used by me colors' nuances on the picture. I just show you the approximate colors. Try to get the experience in every step you make.

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